Questionnaire Templates

For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Who Want to Understand Their Current or Potential Customers.  Here’s a No Fuss Way to get a Professionally Designed Survey at a Fraction of the Cost of a Professional Market Research Agency.


That’s right now you don’t have to spend time thinking about how to best word a questionnaire to get the information you require. Now you can buy a professionally designed survey template, including detailed instructions on how to complete it, as well as a recruitment questionnaire to ensure you are talking to the right people for just $20USD.

All you need to do is update the template with your product, and business name, and then program it into an online survey software program and send it to your target audience.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Template for an Online Retailer to Send to Customers After a Sales Transaction

Find out

  • How satisfied your customers are with the service they received from you?
  • How loyal your current customers are, and how likely they are to shop with you again?
  • What are your businesses service strengths, and what areas need improvement?



Questionnaire Template to Test a New Physical Product  Idea

Is there a market for your potential business or service offering?

  • Find out who your potential customers are for your new product or service idea.
  • Improve return on your advertising investment for your product by finding out how to reach potential customers with the correct advertising message.
  • Find out what price you could realistically sell your product for.

Find out all this using a professionally designed questionnaire.