Free Market Research Tools to Help You Listen in On What People are Saying About Your Industry Product or Niche

Regardless of whether you are just starting out and looking for a profitable niche, or you have been in business for a while, as a business owner or entrepreneur it is important to understand what people are saying about your industry product or niche. An ideal way of doing this is monitoring blogs and social media to listen in on conversations; this is sometimes referred to as blog and buzz mining.   But with nearly two million blogs out there how are you going to find the most important ones in your area never mind monitor them all to find out what people are saying about your niche?

In this post, I am going to talk about four free research tools you can use to search blogs and social media based on key terms.

Blog Pulse

Blog Pulse is a Nielsen media tool which tracks over 100 million websites.   It is a great tool because not only does it produce a lovely trend charts, showing the percentage of blogs and comments that mention your topic, you can click on any point on the chart and it will take you to a list of blog posts for that particular day.     Below is a chart I created based on the keyword macramé, which shows the percentage of blogs that mentioned macramé on each day for the last two months.  You can compare up to three terms simultaneously, and see the trends for the last three months.










 Blog Scope

Blog scope tracks fewer blogs than blog pulse (40 million as opposed to 100 million) but I thought it deserved a mention, because of some of the other cool things you can do with it.  For example, not only do you get the trend chart, it will give you a number of other keywords that are related to your topic or mentioned frequently with your topic.   So for example, using Macramé as my keyword search term again, I got this cool bar chart which show similar peaks to the one above which is great.  It also gave me a list of blogs so I can go and check out exactly what people were saying about macramé, and as a bonus extra, it gave me a list of key words related to macramé so I could narrow down my list further, which in case you were curious the extra keywords are shamballa price bracelet unisex goud algoma














Google is fantastic when it comes to searching for information on your niche, or product, and thus testing the viability of the idea.  Google has a number of tools such as Google Trends and Google Keyword Search. My favorite at the moment though is Google Insights.  Not only does it give you a trend chart for your key word you can drill right down to regional level, so you can successfully target your niche.

Twit Scoop

It can be difficult to find out what people are talking about on social media sites such as Facebook but one social media site which is easy to listen in on is Twitter.   There are several tools which can be used to find out what is hot on Twitter; one of the easiest is TwitScoop.  Just plug in your search term and see all the tweets on that topic.    One of the key features of this program is Hot Scoop you can see what topics are trendy on twitter right now and a how they have increased or decreased over time.  You will also get a tag cloud of related terms and tweets.

Above are just a few free tools that you can use to gather information about your area of interest.  It is a great first step in understanding how people feel about the topic and valuable because you are listening into spontaneous conversations.   A lot of people say companies don’t listen.  Start using these tools to listen in on real conversations!

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