Find out..

*How satisfied your customers are with the service they received from you

*How loyal your current customers are, and how likely they are to shop with you again

*What are your businesses service strengths, and what areas need improvement


Customer Survey For An Online Retailer to Use To Survey their Customers after a Transaction

Here’s your chance to find out how satisfied your customers are using a professional survey template that costs a fraction of what you would pay if you hired a research agency to carry out the survey for you.  This customer survey will work in any country.

What you get

  • An email to send to your customers to invite them to participate in the survey
  • A questionnaire
  • Instructions on how to tailor the questions for your company

All this for just $US20.00.

All you need to do is program it using any online software program and send it to your customers after they have made a transaction from your website.


Buy now! Just click on the paypal button below to complete your payment.   Once you have completed your payment  - click on the return to market research for beginners link and you will be returned to a page with a link to download your product.


If you are looking for other customer survey template, go to the contact us page and tell me the type of business you run.

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