Four Ways to Conduct Market Research Online You May Not Have Been Aware Of

You know that as a small business owner, start-up or entrepreneur you need to conduct market research, but where do you start and how much is it going to cost?

If you don’t have a lot of money don’t worry, there are a number of ways you can conduct research into your chosen industry while sitting in front of your computer, at very little cost.

This post will show you where to find useful information about your industry and your business on the internet.

Online Research Tools

Here are four online research tools you can start using today to find trends.

Keyword Search – If  you have an online presence or you conduct business online you want to      find out what keywords people are using to find products and services such as yours.   There   are several keywords tools that you can use to see how many people are  searching for certain keywords each month, and you can see how many businesses  similar to yours are competing for each keyword.

Longtail Pro is a keyword tool can be used to find keywords that get a high number of searches, but have very little competition.  If you are in business already you can find keywords to use to optimise your site and attract search engine traffic.  Or as an entrepreneur you can find profitable product niches you may not have considered.  Longtail Pros developer Spencer Haws provides very thorough training videos where he explains exactly how to use the tool.

fencing guyCompetitor Links – We have all heard of      back linking as an SEO tool.  It      still works.   A great way to      compete with your competitors is to check out which sites are linking to      them, and monitor your competitors PR Campaigns.  An easy and free way to find out who is linking your competitors is to visit and type in your  competitors email address and it will produce a list of websites that link to your customer’s website.

Read Blogs – Blogs are a great way to find out what people are discussing the most, and thus potentially uncovering emerging trends that you can tap into early.  It is a great way to find out about a  new product, or an unfulfilled need for which you could provide a solution.

There are several places you can go to find out what is being discussed on blogs and other social platforms some examples are Technorati and Social Mentions.

Conduct your own online survey – A great way to gauge public opinion on a      certain topic is to ask them.  There  are a number of online survey platforms available that you can use to survey customers such as SuveyGizmo or Fluid Surveys.  You can easily email your customers or  list with a link to your survey or have a pop up survey on your website  set the timing so that visitors are there for at least one minute before   the survey pops up).   If you are yet to find customers you can place your links in forums or chat groups where your audience hangs out.

These four tools will help you find what people are searching for and how, and what is trending at the moment.

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